Floating Fuel Depots: Navigating O&M in Offshore Wind

In the world of renewable energy, innovation knows no bounds.

As offshore wind farms venture further into deeper waters, the need for inventive solutions becomes more pressing. Transiting to and from field is increasingly critical in offshore wind farm operations and maintenance, with crew transfer vessels (CTVs) making long journeys out and back to port. As wind farms move further offshore into deeper waters, this approach becomes costly and less efficient, driving increased use of larger service operation vessels (SOVs).

While SOVs can stay in field for longer than CTVs, they require periodic port servicing for fuel, crew changes and general supplies. What if all this could happen close to the work sites?

With funding from the DfT through Innovate UK, Apollo has been on a journey of collaboration and innovation, working closely with the European Marine Energy Centre and environmental consultants, Aquatera Ltd.

Our goal? To design and bring to life the Floating Fuel Depot (FFD).

The Floating Fuel Depot: a Versatile, Mobile Supply Base

The FFD is a barge-mounted marine vessel servicing and fuel supply system.

Outfitted with the plant and equipment to store ammonia, e-methanol and electric charge, the FFD is moored up at inshore locations allowing vessels to berth alongside and refuel/recharge.

But that is not all. With accommodation, cargo handling and storage capabilities, the FFD allows full vessel servicing in a single visit.

Cutting Costs, Boosting Efficiency

One of the significant drawbacks of traditional operations is the expense incurred by vessels travelling back and forth to refuel, resupply and change crews. This not only adds to operational costs but has an environmental footprint.

The Floating Fuel Depot tackles these issues head-on.

By positioning these depots at tactical spots along the Scottish coast, we can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel costs and improve vessel uptime.

Imagine the positive impact this will have on the economics of offshore wind farms. It’s a win-win, both financially and ecologically.

Join Us and Learn More

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At Apollo, we’re committed to engineering solutions that shape the future of energy. We’re not just in the business of innovation; we’re in the business of revolution. Join us on this exciting journey towards a cleaner, more efficient offshore wind industry.