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Apollo’s technical engineering services are underpinned by practical understanding of the offshore marine environment, which ensures that all of our engineering decisions take into account constructability, installability and operability.

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Key areas of support

Apollo has a long track record of support to developers and installation contractors, with engineering for the transportation, assembly and installation of all aspects of offshore renewable facilities, from the load or float-out to marine transportation and hook up/ deployment in the field.

  • Marine operational feasibility studies

    Apollo engineers help decision makers evaluate and mitigate the key technical risks in a marine operation, while optimising the cost benefit of a methodology or approach. With technical knowledge to build a realistic methodology and work programme, we have the market knowledge and norms to build a realistic resourcing and cost model, with consideration of all key sensitivities.

  • Ballasting plans & load condition

    A marine operation may involve multiple load conditions, achieved through ballasting and loading operations. Each has to be evaluated in terms of the hydrostatics, while ballast plans will be required to move between states with suitable contingency. Apollo naval architects are well-versed in such calculations, producing practical recommendations and manuals for the safe execution of the operation.

  • Dynamic & static lifting analyses

    Whether for loadout or offshore installation, lifting operations require well-thought out plans, with efficient systems, equipment and analysis of applicable effects. Apollo teams support lifting operations with engineering calculations and design drawings to provide clear instructions and assurance against risks. Calculations are prepared to codes such as DNV ST N001, with consideration of dynamic amplification (DAFs), skew loadings, redundancy, equipment performance and hydrodynamics. For subsea lifts, use is made of OrcaFlex™ software to incorporate drag and inertial loadings.

  • Vessel motions / diffraction analysis

    Our engineers have a clear understanding of the most critical dynamic issues within a transportation or installation operation. We develop focused analyses to check out the potential performance of a system during each key stage using frequency domain calculations or time domain simulations. Where needed we have the expertise to prepare diffraction analyses for response amplitude operators (RAOs) and quadratic transfer functions (QTFs).

  • Seafastening & grillage design

    Securing cargo items and transported equipment onboard requires an understanding of the practicalities, the vessel structure and relevant codes and standards. Apollo engineers have extensive experience of the design of suitable seafastening and load spreading methods, regularly designing or assessing to marine warranty standards and class codes.

  • Loadout & transportation procedures

    Sound marine operations require the practical expertise of the mariner with the technical insight of the engineer. With the support of technical partners, Apollo bring both skillsets together to help clients shape their loadout and transportation procedures, preparing clear, robust guidance for the safe execution of operations. This experience is built on extensive knowledge of what works in marine operations, backed up by effective HIRA.

  • Quayside engineering

    Including assembly solutions, onshore structures

    Apollo clients sometimes need quick and simple solutions to resolve a site issue, or to plan a series of quayside operations prior to departure to field. Here Apollo’s practical engineering side is ready to deliver cost-efficient, readily constructed arrangements that solve problems and ensure that the project continues without delay. Fabrication drawings can be turned around with fit for purpose engineering calculations efficiently, and to industry acceptable standards.

  • Operating window analysis & optimisation

    In marine operations there are often a few critical steps where the environmental risk needs to be carefully controlled through well-designed operating envelopes. These can be shaped by a single item of equipment, or they may be complex effects involving the interaction of multiple systems. Clear insight and engineering fundamentals are required to provide practical, workable guidance to offshore teams. Apollo engineers are experienced in pin-pointing these key steps and in pulling together the engineering basis for assured operating envelopes that satisfy marine warranty standards.

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  1. Offshore Renewables

    Offshore Renewables
    Offshore Renewables

    Apollo’s dedicated renewable energy team has been building its capability since 2011. We have successfully applied our offshore marine experience and are expert in delivering safe, reliable and efficient solutions in the offshore environment.

  2. Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture
    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Apollo are working with a growing portfolio of clients advising on low carbon hydrogen strategies and projects, conceptual studies for carbon abatement and power to x projects.

  3. Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear Energy
    Nuclear Energy

    Apollo is already supporting major projects such as Hinkley Point C through various engineering discipline and design input and will export this expertise through to the Sizewell C project and beyond into an expanding market and exciting market.

  4. Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    With energy demands rising and the transition to a low carbon economy, our responsibility to extract hydrocarbons in the most environmentally efficient way possible has never been more important.