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Decarbonisation &
emissions reduction

Our competent and experienced process led engineering team is allowing our clients to rationalise their on-board plant and associated systems to reduce energy consumption and emissions. All led by our emissions reduction tool FUTURE.

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Key areas of support

Through opportunity identification and evaluation, we can enable significant scope 1 emission reductions allowing operators and asset owners significant gains in their net zero journey.

Our team of engineers can quickly model major energy consumers and systems along with production profiles enabling scenario modelling and evaluation to achieve immediate energy and emissions reductions.

  • Emissions reduction tool (FUTURE)

    Apollo has developed and tested framework for emissions reduction which we have used successfully on many client projects. The FUTURE process frames the problem the problem through to carrying out calculations and analysis to determine the emissions levels to ranking and development of an implementable emissions reduction plan.

  • Opportunities & best available technology (BAT) reviews

    From providing client support offshore by measuring emissions through to new technology screening, Apollo is actively supporting across the board on how to make effective change. Apollo has carried out various studies to understand where the opportunities for improvement lie (big and small) and presenting the key findings to stakeholders in a clear manner.

  • CO2 strategy

    As part of the FUTURE tool we are increasingly incorporating our clients CO2 strategy. Apollo consultants are able to assimilate data at a strategic and granular level to provide a holistic overview in order to consider:

    • Electrification opportunities, including cable and nearly wind developers
    • Late life strategy and decommissioning
    • Define future revenue opportunity
    • Risk ranking
    • Commercial modelling
  • Flare gas recovery

    A significant means of emissions reduction for some our clients. Apollo engineers have a significant track record in working with our clients to understand effective and simple ways of recycling flare gas in existing assets.

  • Future proofing

    As part of the holistic nature of Apollo’s approach we are able to look at not only what is happening at the moment but take cognisance of where your assets will be in the future and can demonstrate a track record in:

    • Supporting decision making for commercial strategy
    • Integration into nearby wind farms
    • Diversification into wind
    • Electricity creation modelling and grid connection
    • Hydrogen and CCUS readiness

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  1. Offshore Renewables

    Offshore Renewables
    Offshore Renewables

    Apollo’s dedicated renewable energy team has been building its capability since 2011. We have successfully applied our offshore marine experience and are expert in delivering safe, reliable and efficient solutions in the offshore environment.

  2. Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture
    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Apollo are working with a growing portfolio of clients advising on low carbon hydrogen strategies and projects, conceptual studies for carbon abatement and power to x projects.

  3. Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear Energy
    Nuclear Energy

    Apollo is already supporting major projects such as Hinkley Point C through various engineering discipline and design input and will export this expertise through to the Sizewell C project and beyond into an expanding market and exciting market.

  4. Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    With energy demands rising and the transition to a low carbon economy, our responsibility to extract hydrocarbons in the most environmentally efficient way possible has never been more important.