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The North Sea oil and gas industry is actively reducing its carbon emissions through the electrification of offshore oil and gas producing assets. Apollo is pioneering work in this area with an expanding client portfolio, studying and implementing technologies including from onshore power, infield wind and marine energy projects, hub developments etc.

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Key areas of support

We work with our clients to identify opportunities and technologies building on our leading industry position where we are actively engaged with policy makers, industry bodies and operator “hubs”.

  • Grid optioneering

    Determining the most efficient but technically compliant point of connect for a project can save a significant amount of project cost. Apollo can support project developers and grid operators to determining the optimum point based on grid specifications and project requirements.

  • Cable routing & specification

    Apollo engineers can interpret seabed data and conditions to ensure an optimum cable route and burying regime avoiding sea bed obstructions and dynamic soil conditions. Cable selection size and specification can be assessed based on power generation capacity as well as potential future tie ins. Apollo engineers will understand the whole life of field cost along with future opportunities when recommending cable sizes including determination of power losses and failures.

  • Wind & energy domain knowledge

    Our experience in marine energy is significant from oil and gas floating, fixed, through to wind floating and fixed, alongside WEC and tidal. Apollo can assist you select the appropriate solution to electrify your asset.

  • Power source appraisal

    Meeting energy demands as well as providing security of supply to a high performing asset is important. Apollo can assist our clients in careful option selection against determined criteria to ensure reliable performance. We interface regularly with connection partners and assist in the location appraisal of substations.

  • Asset readiness

    Some North Sea assets will find it difficult to embrace electrification due to their location and / or age. We can assess your asset base against techno-economic criteria for electrification. Apollo can also assess against alternative forms of low carbon power generation if electrification is not viable.

  • Technology review

    The offshore electrification market is very dynamic with new technology allowing more opportunities to assets on a regular basis. Apollo engineers can provide you with BAT reviews and access to a wealth of market knowledge.

  • Energy storage

    A critical component to any offshore electrification opportunity is the security of supply. In some projects power from shore may provide this but in some location’s energy storage will be critical. Apollo has a growing track record in this area.

  • LoF costing and commercial support

    We provide our clients commercial analysis of CAPEX and OPEX spend in various scenarios allowing in depth project evaluation ensuring all viable scenarios are explored.

  • Scheduling and consenting

    Our teams support our clients in understanding the necessary consenting process along with project scheduling to allow robust project plans to be built.

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  1. Offshore Renewables

    Offshore Renewables
    Offshore Renewables

    Apollo’s dedicated renewable energy team has been building its capability since 2011. We have successfully applied our offshore marine experience and are expert in delivering safe, reliable and efficient solutions in the offshore environment.

  2. Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture
    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Apollo are working with a growing portfolio of clients advising on low carbon hydrogen strategies and projects, conceptual studies for carbon abatement and power to x projects.

  3. Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear Energy
    Nuclear Energy

    Apollo is already supporting major projects such as Hinkley Point C through various engineering discipline and design input and will export this expertise through to the Sizewell C project and beyond into an expanding market and exciting market.

  4. Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    With energy demands rising and the transition to a low carbon economy, our responsibility to extract hydrocarbons in the most environmentally efficient way possible has never been more important.