Engineering, Energised

At Apollo, we engineer smart, sustainable solutions for the energy sector, working across oil and gas, hydrogen and carbon capture, nuclear, and offshore renewables.

Fuelled by a diverse and talented workforce, we deliver transformational engineering projects. At Apollo, we’re not afraid of a challenge, because impossible only means not possible yet.

Big questions. Clear answers

Together, we’re crafting a bright future for the sector.

Energy is in transition, and we help our clients adapt. We work closely with everyone from global developers to technology start-ups. Our clients choose us for our passion, and stay with us because we keep delivering, solving their problems and delivering practical solutions for new and existing energy systems.

From cutting edge software creation, to straightforward structural upgrades, to the development of innovative technology that will accelerate the energy transition – our capabilities combined with our group leverage means we can provide the complete answers that no one else can.

Meet the team

Apollo is all about having some of the best people in the business focusing on our clients’ challenges. Here is an opportunity to meet some of them and understand some of the qualities that make us such a great company to work with. Behind these people is a talented team delivering every day for our clients. If you want to know more get in touch!

Making a difference. Today

Shaped by our unique workplace culture, we empower our people, solve problems, and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We care about being a business that can respond to global challenges. We want to achieve a sustainable, decarbonised future for the energy industry. Technology. Practical solutions. Innovation. It’s a complex mix, but that’s what we’re good at.


To engineer the future of the energy sector, accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy, and safeguard our clients’ successes.


We deliver smart, sustainable solutions to clients across the energy sector – led by our people, innovative engineering, and a challenging spirit.