Topsides UK 2023 | 7-8 November | Aberdeen

Topsides UK is an annual event that brings together leaders in the oil and gas industry to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the sector. The theme for the upcoming event, scheduled for 7th and 8th November 2023 at P&J Live in Aberdeen, is “How do we Deliver Energy Security & Net-Zero in a Mature Basin?” This theme encapsulates the ongoing efforts to balance energy security with the global importance of achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Apollo’s engineer, Scott Rosie, has been actively involved in Topsides and the Young Professional Committee since 2021. We had a chat with him to gather some insights into the benefits and opportunities that this event has offered, especially to young professionals in the field.

1. How did you first get involved with Topsides, and what motivated you to become a Young Professional member?

I got my start with Topsides back in 2021 when I was approached by Richard Kidd from Apache, who was leading the Young Professional Committee at the time. It was a great opportunity to get involved in something different and motivated me to become a Young Professional member.

2. Can you describe some of the key benefits or opportunities that Topsides has provided to you as a young engineer in your field?

Being a Young Professional (YP) member at Topsides has opened up some fantastic opportunities for me. I’ve had the chance to present at the last two conferences, which has been incredibly valuable. We usually present in groups of 2 to 3, which made presenting more manageable for young engineers, like me, who hadn’t presented at a conference before. This opportunity to present and discuss topics I’m passionate about isn’t something you find everywhere. Additionally, being invited to some of the main committee meetings has given me a unique behind-the-scenes look at how an event of this scale is organised.

3. In what ways has Topsides supported your professional development and networking within the engineering industry?

Topsides has been instrumental in supporting my professional development and networking within the engineering industry. This year, I’m leading the Young Professionals Committee and so was responsible for finding new members, leading meetings and liaising with the main committee. The team are putting together a really good presentation on an important topic in neurodiversity which I’m excited to hear more about. I’m also thrilled to be part of a panel discussion this year. It’s clear that Topsides offers ample opportunities for career growth and skill development.

4. Could you share any memorable experiences or events you've attended through Topsides?

I’ve had some memorable experiences through Topsides. I had the opportunity to present at a Topsides breakfast event at NZTC earlier this year, where I pitched for the Young Members Committee. I also co-chaired a session last year which was another new experience, and I’m eagerly looking forward to participating in a panel discussion on developing and retaining people who drive our industry this year.

5. What do you think sets Topsides apart from other events?

Obviously, the shift is towards net-zero, renewable energy is essential to that and is therefore the sole focus at a lot of other conferences. I think something that is unique about Topsides is that it primarily focuses on the oil and gas industry, but it can also see the bigger picture. This is reflected well in this year’s conference title (‘How do we Deliver Energy Security & Net-Zero in a Mature Basin’). Topsides strikes a unique balance in that way compared to other events, at least from what I’ve seen. Also, on the Young Professionals side, that is something that is really pushed and valued at Topsides more than any other conference or event I’m aware of. It’s great that they give young people in the industry a platform every year to share their views.

6. Could you share any advice or tips for other young engineers who might be considering joining Topsides and getting actively involved in their programs?

Absolutely! My advice for young engineers is to keep an eye out for opportunities to join the Young Professionals Committee, which typically opens up every summer. This offers a guaranteed speaking slot and a unique chance to get involved and present your ideas.

To be honest, it’s not something I would have seen myself getting involved in a few years ago but I’m glad I was given the opportunity to do so through a former colleague. So, I would encourage anyone who is considering it, but is maybe slightly apprehensive, to give it a chance. It’s an excellent way to get some presentation experience and share your views, as you’ll be supported by the rest of the group. The wider conference is also always really welcoming to the young professionals who are presenting.

Apollo Speaking at Topsides UK 2023

Apollo will also be contributing to the event through various presentations and discussions.

Put a date in the diary for the following:

📛 Calum Westland and Charlie Booth
🔊 Presentation “Offshore Fuel of the Future”
🗓️ Tuesday 7th November
🕓 10:55

📛 Calum Westland
🔊 Presentation: “Alternative fuels, an alternative to electrification?”
🗓️ 7th November
🕓 12:15

📛 Gary Clark
🔊 Presentation “Artificial Intelligence for Engineers and Managers – will we all be out of a job in 5 years”
🗓️ 7th November
🕓 14:00

📛 Mario Bovero (Topsides Young Professional Committee)
🔊 Presentation “Inclusion of neurodiverse people in the workspace and the benefit of unconventional thinking”
🗓️ Date: 7th November
🕓 Time: 1545

📛 Scott Rosie and Gary Clark
🔊 Panel Discussion “Developing and retaining the people who drive our industry”
🗓️ Date: Tuesday 7th November
🕓 Time: 1610

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