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Performance optimisation

Apollo’s experience lies in recommending and implementing change that will give an increase in the efficiency of asset operation. Primarily this can be seen as process optimisation but there are strong considerations in safety and mechanical efficiency to consider too. Our knowledge and track record ensure efficient and practical solutions to client problems.

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  • Production enhancement

    Production profiles change over time meaning that the original design has shifted meaning that elements of the system are not operating efficiently. This can be its process systems, mechanical or instrumentation to name a few. Apollo engineers are able to looks at different scenarios (renewing equipment types, pressure vessels and internals, equipment layouts etc) to allow increased efficiency and hence production taking account of where the asset is operating now and in the coming years.

  • Debottlenecking

    Apollo has expert knowledge in debottlenecking allowing us an efficient approach to client’s challenges. Our engineers can approach systems fully from the wellhead (including subsea) through to export routes ensuring a holistic approach to any solutions. Apollo’s experienced engineers have access to high end tools to model steady state and dynamic conditions (e.g. OLGA , ANSYS (CFD), Ledaflow and HYSYS).

    Apollo can confidently tackle client issues and provide recommendations on process train capacity through to individual vessel configurations etc. Apollo’s experience, tools and techniques give clients the confidence in our capability to deliver cost effective solutions.

    Our process engineers allow complete system modelling to understand pinch points in the process system. From start-up scenarios through to declining production profiles and increased water handling we enable our clients to benefit from simple process improvements.

  • Safety

    functional, process, technical, human factors

    Apollo’s technical safety function ensures safety in design at an early stage in concept development which continues through to asset field life. Our experience allows site operability and human factors to be incorporated into the design process ensuring an ALARP approach.

    Apollo actively look to seek changes in current operational changes to improve safety performance and reliability from safety cases, procedures and policies, hazardous area assessment through to behaviours. Ensuring safety in design improves site operation and efficiency.

  • Predictive maintenance

    Our engineers are experienced in executing RAM studies and developing RBI strategies, policies and procedures for our customers saving time and money over routine or time-based preventative maintenance. We can also provide robust assessments to equipment or structural defects.

    Analyses of live data streams allows Apollo engineers to predict failures and downtime and assign appropriate intervention strategies.

  • Digital solutions

    We believe that digital applications should save you time and money, make your job easier and give you clarity in an information rich world. Apollo KnowHow™ allows our user base to collect and analyse inspection data in real time, provide anomaly workflow ensuring a swift close out of any defect.

    Assuring your plant and asset is reliable, safe and efficient.

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  1. Offshore Renewables

    Offshore Renewables
    Offshore Renewables

    Apollo’s dedicated renewable energy team has been building its capability since 2011. We have successfully applied our offshore marine experience and are expert in delivering safe, reliable and efficient solutions in the offshore environment.

  2. Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture
    Hydrogen & Carbon Capture

    Apollo are working with a growing portfolio of clients advising on low carbon hydrogen strategies and projects, conceptual studies for carbon abatement and power to x projects.

  3. Nuclear Energy

    Nuclear Energy
    Nuclear Energy

    Apollo is already supporting major projects such as Hinkley Point C through various engineering discipline and design input and will export this expertise through to the Sizewell C project and beyond into an expanding market and exciting market.

  4. Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas

    With energy demands rising and the transition to a low carbon economy, our responsibility to extract hydrocarbons in the most environmentally efficient way possible has never been more important.