Episode 13: Go With the FLOW: A Developers Perspective


In the world of renewable energy, offshore wind has emerged as a transformative force for the United Kingdom’s energy landscape.

To shed light on the intricacies, challenges, and opportunities in this sector, Stuart and Jonathan sat down with Sian Lloyd Rees, the UK Managing Director for Mainstream Renewable Power, in the latest episode of Apollo’s ‘Over a Barrel’ podcast.

In this engaging discussion, Sian’s diverse background spanning oil and gas, software, and now offshore wind becomes the lens through which we explore the present and future of this industry.

Embracing the Wind Revolution:

As the UK races towards its clean energy targets, offshore wind is taking centre stage. Mainstream Renewable Power, a global renewable energy company, has been instrumental in advancing wind energy solutions. Sian Lloyd Rees, with her extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, brings a fresh perspective to the offshore wind industry.

A Multifaceted Journey:

One of the intriguing aspects of Sian’s journey is her diverse background. Having worked in oil and gas, a sector with deep historical roots in the UK, she now finds herself steering the ship towards a greener horizon. Her prior experience in software also plays a pivotal role, offering valuable insights into the technological aspects of the energy transition.

UK Wide Opportunities and Challenges:

The conversation delves into the vast opportunities presented by offshore wind across the UK. As Sian points out, the wind industry is not confined to one region; it’s a nationwide opportunity. However, with great potential comes significant challenges. Skill shortages are a real concern, and addressing this issue is crucial for the industry’s sustainable growth.

Aberdeen and the Energy Transition:

Aberdeen, historically known as the energy capital of Europe due to its strong presence in the oil and gas sector, is undergoing a remarkable transition. Sian discusses the energy transition opportunities for Aberdeen and how it can leverage its existing expertise to play a pivotal role in the offshore wind sector. The city’s unique position as a hub for energy-related industries can be a springboard for success in renewable energy ventures.

Sian's Candid Insights:

Throughout the conversation, Sian provides candid and thought-provoking insights into her journey as a senior executive navigating the ever-changing energy sector. Her ability to adapt and thrive in different domains is a testament to the transferrable skills that can be harnessed for the greater good of the renewable energy transition.


As the Apollo podcast episode with Sian Lloyd Rees draws to a close, it becomes evident that the offshore wind industry is at the cusp of transformative change in the UK. Sian’s multifaceted experience and her role in Mainstream Renewable Power exemplify how professionals from various backgrounds can come together to drive the green energy revolution. The challenges are real, but the opportunities are boundless, and with dynamic leaders like Sian at the helm, the future of offshore wind looks brighter than ever.