Company Growth Sparks Move for Apollo’s Stephen Molloy

Apollo's Marine and Mechanical Engineer has moved to Edinburgh from Aberdeen to head up the office

At Apollo, we are thrilled to announce a significant move within our team that marks an exciting new chapter for one of our colleagues. Stephen Molloy, our Marine and Mechanical Manager, will be relocating to Edinburgh to spearhead our expansion into the region. We are confident that his expertise, leadership, and vision will continue to drive our company’s growth and success as we build up our presence in the Capital.

Apollo Edinburgh

Working from a new office in Fountainbridge, Stephen will continue to lead on Marine and Mechanical Engineering services, supporting offshore wind and marine energy technology companies, amongst others. He will be a key link between Central Belt customers and our competency centre in Aberdeen.

“We are embarking on an exciting journey, and I am grateful to be a part of Apollo’s ongoing success story,” said Stephen Molloy “We’re looking forward to supporting other clients in the offshore wind and marine technology sectors and am confident that with the support of my talented colleagues, we will make a lasting impact in Edinburgh and beyond.”

Looking Towards the Future

As Stephen embarks on this new adventure with Apollo, we are excited to see how his presence will shape our Edinburgh office’s future. With his strategic vision and ability to build strong relationships, we anticipate great things to come. Under his expertise, we are confident that the Edinburgh team will flourish, and our company will continue to grow, strengthening our position in the marine and mechanical industry.

Stay tuned as we share updates on Stephen’s accomplishments and the exciting developments taking place at Apollo Edinburgh.

Apollo employs over 130 engineers and has offices in Aberdeen, Bristol, Edinburgh, Anglesey, Flintshire, and Nottingham.

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