Hinkley Point C
cooling water tunnels

  • Client Balfour Beatty
  • Year 2022
  • Business unit Nuclear

The HPC nuclear power station build in Somerset England is a complex engineering project with various systems being engineered to allow the sequential build of the overall power station.


Apollo have been providing structural engineering support to various aspects of the cooling water tunnels through our parent company Global Energy Group. Apollo have provided detailed engineering associated with the concrete liners and headers being delivered through Balfour Beatty. For example, detailed engineering analysis associated with the bearing rings for the headers through to engineering support for the liners and associated equipment to be securely and safely transported to site (casing transport saddle/rotator support frame assessment) through to liner up ending engineering.

Apollo have provided ongoing structural support for nearly two years through the project ensuring client corporate knowledge is retained along with reactive and competent support.


The client has been able to access experienced and competent structural support through the life of the project from a pool of over 30 structural engineers and designers. This resource has experience across the project life cycle enabling the client to develop story boards and engineering specific to the task. The resource pool also enables access to analysis resource as well as detailed engineering and design.

By providing support through Apollo resource has ensured project knowledge has been retained by the client team drawing on the engineering as and when has been required. Whilst working through our parent company Apollo has also maintained contact with the ultimate client (Balfour Beatty) at their Avonmouth site through our regional office in Bristol.

The retained project knowledge has assured the end client of project efficiencies enabling schedule and budget to be maintained throughout.

The project knowledge will be exported to the new build Sizewell C project. If you have a pressing issue and need engineering support, let us know on nuclear@apollo.engineer