Apollo’s Mission to Inspire STEM Education

Image of Arduthie school hall where two of our Apollo team are conducting STEM experiements

At Apollo, we don’t just talk about making a difference in the world; we actively engage with our local communities to inspire the next generation of engineers, designers, business support and energy advisors.

This week, we’ve been busy living up to our commitment to support STEM education by visiting a University and some local primary schools.

Supporting Educational Initiatives

Education lies at the heart of progress, and Apollo is committed to nurturing young minds in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Our team actively participates in supporting local primary schools, secondary schools, and universities, enriching their curriculum with a focus on sustainability and sustainable energy.

From teaching the basics of sustainability to exploring the intricate concepts of climate change, our aim is to ignite curiosity and passion for engineering from an early age.

A Visit to Newcastle University

This week, we had the privilege of visiting Newcastle University, where our Lead Naval Architect, Will Brindley and Business Development Manager, David Stewart led a workshop for students.

Their task? Designing an offshore wind mooring system using Orcaflex software. The students’ creativity surpassed our expectations, as they generated numerous ideas, some of which proved surprisingly effective. This experience has even influenced students’ choices for their thesis topics.

Looking Ahead: Strathclyde University Workshop

Building on the success of our Newcastle University visit, we are excited to announce our plans to conduct a similar workshop at Strathclyde University next year.

We look forward to continuing our mission of encouraging innovation and inspiring the next generation of engineers.

Primary Schools Hands-On Learning Experience

Our visits to primary schools are not your typical classroom lectures. We believe in the power of interactive learning, where pupils can engage directly with engineers and professionals from Apollo.

During our recent sessions, pupils got involved in experiments, quizzes, and workshops designed to make learning enjoyable and impactful. From constructing floating wind turbines to understanding buoyancy and materials, every activity is carefully crafted to enhance their understanding of engineering principles. See our collection of photos below.

The Apollo 7 Experiment: Inspiring Future Innovators

One of our flagship workshops, the Apollo 7 Experiment (designed by Techfest) challenges pupils to think creatively and apply physics and engineering principles in a dynamic setting. This interactive experience involves an egg, symbolising an astronaut, and the task of ensuring it doesn’t break during re-entry.

By simulating this crucial aspect of space exploration, pupils work together as a team to solve problems and overcome challenges. Through this hands-on experience, we aim to instil critical thinking skills and encourage innovation among the next generation.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

At Apollo, we believe in the power of education to shape the world. Through our educational outreach efforts, we’re not just sharing knowledge; we’re nurturing the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

If you’re interested in learning more about our initiatives or arranging a visit, please contact us at info@apollo.engineer.

Thank you

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our incredible team at Apollo, supported by our management team, including Ryan Menzies.

We extend a huge thanks to Chiara Massone, Turan Daspan, David Stewart, Mario Bovero, Will Brindley, Chloe Pearson West, Ella Booth, and Claire Bisset for their commitment and enthusiasm in making this initiative a resounding success.

And a big thanks to all the pupils and teachers of the local primary schools and for the students and staff of Newcastle University for their warm welcome. Hopefully, there are a few budding engineers, designers, business support or energy advisors in the making! We certainly had a blast! 🚀