Meet our renewables graduate engineer!

Given the theme of today’s COP26 Youth and Public Day, we were keen to catch up with our renewables graduate engineer, Mario Bovero.

We sat down with Mario and asked him some questions about what it’s like to work in Apollo’s sustainable energy division.

What makes you passionate about sustainable energy?

It is great knowing that we can use engineering solutions to create energy to power our planet in ways that do not harm it. That’s what makes me passionate about sustainable energy!

Why do you enjoy working for Apollo in this role?

My role gives me the opportunity to take part and take pride in the vast work that needs to be done to transition our economy to one that is more green and sustainable.

What has been the most exciting project you’ve been a part of within Sustainable Energy at Apollo?

My most exciting project involved new technology that if successful could serve as another weapon against climate change. It was a deep-sea combined wind and marine energy device.

Being involved in projects that use such cutting-edge technology is what makes working at Apollo so exciting, I am working on and contributing towards technology that is on the cutting edge of the Energy Transition.

What do you think differentiates Apollo within sustainable energy?

Apollo stands out from the crowd because it doesn’t just talk about sustainability as an option but as a responsibility. This is proved by its focus on energy transition for the business and by extension the planet. I am proud to be contributing towards that also.