Floating Offshore Wind & Global Offshore Wind

After 18 months of reduced travel and restricted face-to-face contact– the last couple of weeks have been a welcome change.

We attended two conferences, two weeks apart, at two different Locations!

These events allowed the UK to demonstrate that it is a world leader in offshore wind at scale, a huge step forward in sustainably meeting consumer energy demands.

Apollo’s Energy Transition Manager, Lucy Green, represented Apollo at Floating Offshore Wind 21 held in Aberdeen’s TECA and at Global Offshore Wind 21 held in London’s Excel.

Lucy commented, “This is an awesome sentiment to reflect upon, particularly as I work for Apollo, a business which has been actively involved in wind energy for over a decade. The second job we won as a business was engineering the installation of the cables of Sheringham Shoal, and we have been invested ever since.

Yet what I took away from these 2 conferences is that industry and the supply chain has been very busy catching up, and it is accelerating at an incredible pace.

Wind developers are engaging earlier than ever before, to ensure a scalable and reliable supply chain which is mature enough to deliver multiple projects without delay.

The supply chain is poised and alert, generating technology and solutions ahead of problems that cost money, acutely aware that it has a significant part to play in reducing LCOE and keen to be able to say, “I saved you this much money”.

Government policy and targets are driving momentum and, more interestingly still, being challenged. Not about how achievable they are, but potentially too achievable. The question is “Should we be pushing the envelope and setting much bigger capacity targets?”

The UK has a significant opportunity to export skills and capability far and wide, and it was fantastic to catch up with industry colleagues with whom we have worked for many years, learn about new challenges and solutions and understand where Apollo fits in. It felt exciting, bursting with enthusiasm and that the timing is now right for wind to take centre stage in the theatre of energy.

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