Fabrication insights, a strong partnership between Apollo and Global

Our engineering consultancy team recently attended our sister company Global E&C’s and parent company, Global Energy Group’s South Fabrication (SFAB) facility at the Nord Centre in Aberdeen’s harbour district.

A training objective for many Apollo engineers is to further their understanding of the fabrication process, allowing for more efficient designs ultimately reducing fabrication queries and time.

The visit was hosted by Global E&C’s Fabrication Operations Director, Graeme Gray, who presented to the engineering team some fabricator insights, which included example hour norms for fillet vs full penetration welds and how drawings could be improved to allow for more accurate fabrication quotations.

Graeme then gave the team a tour of the Global E&C and Global Energy Group SFAB fabrication sheds for carbon pipe, exotic pipe and structures allowing the team to see first-hand the fabrication process and understand the temporary works required to enable accurate fabrication. The tour also involved the Nord facilities external areas which currently includes a large subsea manifold structure that Global Energy Group SFAB are fabricating, giving the team a sense of appreciation for the scale of the structures they are designing.

This close relationship between Apollo, Global E&C and Global Energy Group shows the team effort we have created to deliver projects for our clients, whilst maintaining our training ethic.

Apollo is unique for a company of its size to work so closely with our fabrication teams, which allows us to design and engineer more efficient solutions by understanding real-life manufacturing processes.

To find out more about our structural team get in touch at consultancy@apollo-oe.com