Digital Applications

Software should help people, it’s that simple.

We are not looking to change the way you work or disrupt your organisation. Our products are designed to complement the work you are already doing, to make your job easier, your asset more visible and give you more control.

Our products let you see the live status of your assets in real time, save time on administration when you have more pressing things to do and being really easy to use with intuitive dashboards, let you make faster and better decisions to get the most out of your resources.

Our flagship product Apollo KnowHow™ is helping our clients manage their asset integrity by digitally harvesting inspection data through mobile devices and the cloud, giving a real time view of the asset integrity. With workflow built in and the ability to link to other client databases (ERP, digital twin, visualisation tools etc.) Apollo KnowHow™ provides you the assurance of the safety and reliability of your plant like never before.

Designed to be user friendly out of the box, with little or no training required, Data agnostic, Apollo KnowHow™ works across any equipment type and multiple industries. Learn how we can support you in your sector below.