Calum Watson – Engineering the Future

Apollo’s core values of Safe Attitude Future Enjoyment underpin all we do.

So, when one of our own achieves something in line with our core values, we want them to know we are behind them!

Senior Engineer, Calum Watson has recently achieved Chartered Engineer status and to celebrate, we encouraged him to take this photo with his certificate.

The Apollo Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) is designed to guide graduate engineers to professional registration. Each developing engineer is assigned a mentor and together they map out a personal development plan, incorporating internal/external training, on the job learning, secondments, and projects. This approach is driven by the engineer’s personal goals and ensures that they gain lots of experience in each of the 5 Engineering Council competencies required for CEng. The Apollo MPDS has a great success record, where all developing engineers that have completed the scheme have achieved professional registration.

Calum said: “Becoming a Chartered Engineer was always a career goal to demonstrate my level of professional standard and competency. Within Apollo this was always promoted and encouraged for not just the engineers, but for all staff with their respective institute.

The Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS) with IMechE allowed me to identify areas for development regarding the competencies and to raise these within Apollo. Apollo were able to give me the opportunities and training required to improve weakness areas but to also develop my strengths and broaden my skillset.”

Calum was mentored by principal engineer, Alasdair Thom who said: “Calum was great to mentor and took quickly to the Apollo MPDS. He knew what competencies he needed to work on and took the right steps to build on his experience. The Apollo MPDS is something we are proud of and I’m glad to play a small part in guiding the engineers of the future through this.

At Apollo, we are dedicated to engineering the future and creating engineers of the future whilst providing long-term sustainable growth for our people.