Apollo KnowHow™ User Forum 2021

Last week, we hosted our second annual Apollo KnowHow™ user forum.

We were joined by some of our current clients throughout the world and across the energy industry to talk through our most recent updates and improvements and to host a discussion on future developments.

The user forum is one of our favourite events of the year for our Digital Applications team. We work hard to ensure collaboration with the end user so our products are shaped around how our clients use tools every day to drive efficiency and safety.

It can be easy to be distracted right now by the fantastic rate of technology available but you have to make sure you have the fundamentals in place for the data to work for you. That is why our collaborative cross industry approach is giving our clients the confidence to increase their know-how and deploy Apollo KnowHow™.

Apollo KnowHow™ was designed to give our clients control of their data and no longer have to feel reliant on external support.

It’s your data. You own it. It should work for you.

As a consultancy, we want to give you the tools to make the data work for you and enable you to do your job in the quickest, safest and best way possible. Our software team have been working in data management for 25 years so they know to help you manage your anomalies, work planning, inspection, fabric maintenance and reporting.

To join our next user forum, start by getting a demonstration of Apollo KnowHow™ by emailing DigitalApps@apollo-oe.com