Structural Integrity Management Support

Apollo has a long history of supporting operators in the North Sea to manage the integrity of structures, pipelines and pressure systems throughout the full asset life cycle.

Why Apollo?

Apollo understands the challenges of operating and maintaining ageing assets and believe an efficient approach to integrity management is critical, to achieve an economical and sustainable asset for the full remaining life cycle.

Focus on client value

Apollo understands that our client’s needs, strategy and vision for an asset can be equally as important as competitive rates. Our solutions are safe and appropriate; the time spent is aligned to expectations.

Flexibility of resources

Apollo has over 150 employees of which structural engineering is our largest discipline. Apollo engineers are used to working on a range of structural and mechanical engineering challenges through the full life cycle. This allows the engineers to bring best practice and innovations from across the industry and apply them to our client’s specific problems.

Pragmatic and practical approach

Apollo provides fit for purpose engineering solutions from manual calculations through to detail non-linear FEA. Engineers work on a range of projects and understand when each solution is appropriate and focus on making a real difference to the safety of personnel rather than justifying further analysis. Consideration is given for the stage of an asset in the overall lifecycle and potential mitigations available. As part of the Global Energy Group, we can leverage the wider group to ensure any design solutions are optimised for installation and fabrication.

Collaborative approach

Apollo works collaboratively with clients and other service providers to ensure that clients receive the best possible service.

Clear reporting

Apollo reports and technical notes provide clear information sufficient to allow clients to manage risk appropriately and efficiently given the wider business constraints. Apollo can also leverage the industry-leading Apollo KnowHow™ software to ensure that integrity data is managed efficiently.

Culture and core values

At Apollo, we pride ourselves on our strong company culture to ensure we employ talented, practical engineers working in a creative and positive organisation. This ensures Apollo can maintain our very low attrition rates and ensure continuity and consistency to clients.

What can we do for you?

Apollo supports a wide range of clients with integrity of North Sea structures. A few of the areas Apollo can support with are:

  1. Topside integrity assessments
    • Helideck assessments
    • Blast wall analysis
    • Laydown area assessments
  2. Caisson assessments and design of repairs
    • Assessment of defects in caissons for strength and fatigue identifying sensitivity to known or predicted wall loss due to corrosion
    • Design of remediation, both temporary mitigations and permanent repairs
    • Design of replacement caissons
  3. Jacket repair clamps
    • Design of clamps for the repair of jacket members and supporting conductors
    • Jacket analysis to verify the effectiveness of the repair
    • Support from concept to fabrication and installation
  4. Pressure systems
    • Subsea pipelines and SURF life extension and annual reviews
    • Topsides pressure systems including rotating and static FFS
  5. Operator support
    • Provision of structural Technical Authorities for multiple operators
    • Integrity model holders
    • Structural engineers seconded full time into operators managing asset integrity
    • Apollo KnowHow™ software deployed to multiple operators for the management of integrity data from inspection to repair, subsea and topsides

If you would like to find out more or speak to our consultancy team email and one of our team will set up a call!