Over a Barrel – Episode 10: A Storm in a Tea Cop

In episode 10 of our Over a Barrel podcast, Stuart attempt to understand the dynamics facing the energy industry in particular the tension between oil and gas and sustainable energy which became very apparent during COP26.

We explore the various market challenges facing companies in the supply chain especially those present in oil and gas and attempting to pivot to new market areas.

Market forces are explored including public perception, client synergy as well as being an employer of choice in a changing industry.

We are joined by Nigel Robinson, Sustainable Energy Director at Apollo and Paul Ellerton Oil & Gas Consultancy Director at Apollo.

This content was previously broadcast as a live webinar by Apollo in February 2022.

You can listen to Episode 10 on Spotify, Apple and TuneIn, or download on Buzzsprout here: https://bit.ly/3xaCvZr.