How digitisation is already helping to reduce carbon emissions in the North Sea 

Industry has been working hard to identify the true scale and impact of its emissions, and to understand the consequences of not acting now.

Business Manager, Lucy Green has been working with clients to demonstrate how digitisation is already helping to reduce carbon emissions in the North Sea.

Analysis from operators and the supply chain has revealed the extent of the problem of scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and importantly, some of the big contributors to this figure as this could be low hanging fruit in terms of making a rapid reduction. 

Apollo KnowHow™ is successfully in use globally and has been helping O&M teams to streamline their work processes and undertake inspection tasks more efficiently. 

During a recent trial deployment,

Apollo KnowHow™ was used alongside the operator’s current asset integrity tool and it was found that Apollo KnowHow™ improved inspection efficiency by almost 30%.

In the context of Energy Transition, it is apparent that digitising inspection routines can reduce the time needed to undertake inspections, reducing POB. Apollo KnowHow™  enables inspection and maintenance data to be captured real-time on-site using mobile technology.   

By enabling more efficient data capture for inspection and maintenance, Apollo KnowHow™ can help to reduce the number of offshore workers required on-site and the number of helicopter trips required to transport workers offshore for routine inspection and maintenance tasks.  Not only does this save time, money and improve safety; it also reduces helicopter emissions which industry has identified as being one of the target areas for decarbonizing our industry. 

Our client said “being able to complete our inspections safely in record time is game changing, and knowing that by using Apollo KnowHow™ we are also reducing our carbon emissions through reducing the number of people travelling offshore is a win-win” 

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