Finite Element Analysis; how do I know the answer is right?

We recently hosted the below webinar, we discussed the day-to-day engineering realities of using finite element analysis (FEA) and how to know that your answer is correct.

Our Principal Engineer, Donald MacFarlane, has a long history of engineering experience gained through working in industrial, academic and research environments and is in his own words is “a practical engineer who wants to use the technology to make life easier for himself and to get answers quicker.”

Historically finite element analysis has been a niche product for ‘difficult’ problems with ‘professional analysts’ telling you how difficult it is.

However, in today’s world FEA is a standard tool that can be routinely and easily used by many engineers and designers. The internet is full of tutorials telling you how to get an answer, and how to build a model. However…

How do you know the answer is right?

There are lots of codes and standards out there but when it comes to FEA they often suggest using ‘engineering judgement’.

Watch below to see how Donald applies his 25+ years experience and get in touch if you want to hear more or require support on any analysis.