Digitalise your assets – More predictability, more control, more KnowHow

On the 28th of April, we will be hosting the third in our series of webinars, Digitalise your assets – More predictability, more control, more KnowHow hosted jointly with Asystom

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Douglas Sinclair our Software Manager will be joined by Asystom’s Raphaele McLellan where we will be discussing digitalising and optimising your assets and how two tools enable you to do so efficiently and easily, Apollo KnowHow™ and AsystomPredict.

Apollo KnowHow™ helps clients manage their asset integrity efficiently from anomalies to work planning, through inspection, fabric maintenance and reviewing and reporting. With a mobile interface for efficient data collection and web-based, easy-to-use, client configured dashboards, your integrity data is live and clearly visible to everybody and anybody that needs it.

AsystomPredict- Asystom provides a complete solution for predictive maintenance, from measurement to visualization, including analysis and secure data transmission. By combining ultrasound with vibration, it gives the earliest alert of a problem and by using AI, advises the probable root cause. It has been designed to integrate very easily with existing corporate systems e.g., Apollo KnowHow™.

Recently, especially with the pandemic and widespread working from home, organisations have been keen to ‘digitalise’ but with so many products on the market and integrated legacy systems, what are the benefits of updating and is it worth the time and money?

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We will show you the benefits of the systems and how quick and easy the process of migrating to new systems can be.