Crown Estate Scotland launces leasing ground – here to support!

On Friday, the Crown Estate Scotland opened the application window which means that registered developers can now apply for seabed rights to develop and build Scottish Windfarms.

Developers will now spend the next 10 weeks aligning their plans with the finalized technical details of the requirements. Chief of which are the provisions around the Sectoral Marine Plan, which will focus everyone on submitting polished, and informed applications.

For the last 6 months, Apollo has been working closely supporting Scot Wind preparation, engineering a range of solutions for these next-generation arrays. Notably, Apollo teams have been supporting investors and developers in understanding and selecting potential site options, while exploring turbine foundation options, both fixed and floating. With much of the 10GW of lease options being located in deeper waters, Apollo’s Marine and Offshore Renewables team has seen huge opportunity in leveraging its floating wind experience.

Lucy Green, Energy Transition Manager said “This is a transformational time for industry, and for Scotland. ScotWind is shining a light on the enormous potential of Scottish waters for renewable energy and the entire value chain, elevates the UK as taking the lead in Energy Transition and is continuing to build momentum around the forthcoming COP26. Furthermore, with the requirement for local content – our message to all applicants is clear – we are here to help!”

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