Subsea tieback feasibility

  • Client Operator
  • Year 2018
  • Business unit Consultancy

Apollo was approached by a major North Sea operator to help them understand the implications of a 3rd party tie back into their infrastructure. The client needed to know how this would impact production, if there were any metering implications and compatibility issues with electrical and controls.

With a growing reputation for providing reactive, technically led support, Apollo conducted a feasibility study for the development and production feasibility of tying back, processing and redelivering the fluids from the new development.

As the scope developed, Apollo conducted flow assurance studies to understand the effects of peak flow and to review subsea architecture to discover any potential bottlenecking issues.

Further using our previous experience, we were also able to provide a cost-estimate of the project, this meant that the client was able to see the potential benefits or issues that might be involved with the development allowing for more accurate forecasting and cost saving benefits.

Client problem:

  • Client requested services for the development and production of the field
  • This is to be achieved by way of a tie-in via the existing subsea infrastructure and onwards to an FPSO, operated in the North Sea
  • Require a high-level cost estimate to identify feasibility of tying back, processing and redelivering the fluids

What we did:

  • Completed a feasibility study covering a variety of assessments, including production process and topside facilities
  • Flow assurance study of steady state and dynamic analysis
  • Use of HYSYS to model main process production equipment to understand impacts of peak flow
  • Review of subsea architecture to understand potential bottlenecks
  • Used previous experience to build a cost based on norms which have been used across similar assets

Value / Benefits:

  • Provided a cost and time effective solution for the development of the field
  • Used wide range of skills from experienced engineers with multiple specialties
  • Previous experience in feasibility and tieback options