Reducing risk through pipeline flow assurance

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Significant water accumulation in the pipeline was compromising the integrity. Apollo was asked to extend the life through operational change. This was primarily through conducting a succinct but multi-scenario flow assurance analysis.

Decline in production meant there was more stagnation in the line over time which leads to significant corrosion issues which could lead to loss of pipe integrity and ultimately, failure. The client wanted to understand the location of the worst case areas as well as mitigation for extending the life.

Apollo conducted a flow assurance study, looking at the effect of change in export rates, shutdowns and different operating scenarios.

This was a time bounded scope as the client needed accurate deliverables quickly to supplement investment decisions.

The background

The asset export pipelines transport crude oil from their platform to their pipeline. Apollo has carried out a flow assurance study to quantify the accumulation of water in the asset oil export pipeline on the request of the client. We were to study water accumulation in the asset export pipeline caused by operational parameters.

The process

Apollo only needed basic information to create an accurate picture of the issue.  Industry leading software, OLGA, was largely employed to understand the transient nature a build up a true picture of water hold-up over time. PVT characterisation techniques were also undertaken.

After developing the model, the following was tackled:

  • Normal operating export rates
  • Effect of shutdown
  • Restart with various export rates
  • Different water cut and ambient conditions

The deliverables

  • Delivery of solution within 3 weeks
  • Delivered an accurate OLGA model of the export pipeline which was verified through live operational data
  • Undertook PVT analysis to characterise fluids
  • Performed multiple simulations on scenarios and flow rates
  • A formal study report was delivered showing accumulated water, flow regime, pressure and temperature profiles etc
  • Weekly progress updates, basis of analysis document and formal flow assurance report

What did the client think?

The client was delighted with our responsiveness and delivery. Not only with the quick creation of the model but the customer service that helped them make larger business decisions. Apollo has now established itself as a go-to supplier to this global operator.

And for all you engineers who just want the facts:

The Problem

  • There was water accumulation in the export pipeline that transported the clients crude oil from their platform to the transmission terminal

The Solution

  • Apollo conducted a flow assurance study for different export rates and how this would impact the pipeline

The Outcome

  • Apollo delivered a study which demonstrated multiple operational scenarios and how this impacted on water accumulation in the pipeline to target future inspections and reduce costs