Floating Offshore Wind Foundation Selection

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Offshore wind developments are moving further offshore and into deeper waters, requiring a change in solution from bottom-fixed turbines to turbines that are mounted on floating structures.

Floating technology is, in relative terms, new to wind and the optimal selection of floating foundations is of critical importance. Apollo has successfully completed several studies to provide clients with confidence in foundation selection.

Client Problem:

The client sought assurance of the technical capability and suitability of floating foundation designs which are new to the marketplace. This was to support commercial investment decisions at stage gates of wind projects. The client asked Apollo to sense check designs and assess the decisions of suitability.

The client also wanted to understand the suitability for current technology but also the scalability of the design to future proof for bigger turbines in the future.

What we did:

Expert engineering review of risks and opportunities associated with the choice of design, including:

  • Motions and hydrodynamics
  • Hull structural design and suitability for the site conditions and turbine loads
  • Secondary steel: boat landings, ladders, etc.
  • Active ballast systems and stability
  • Moorings and anchors
  • Scalability of the design
  • Timescales for manufacture and assembly
  • Operations and maintenance

Value / Benefits:

The client gained a clear, informed oversight of the suitability of floating foundations in support of key development decisions. Apollo’s marine and renewable experts leveraged previous experience from not only the offshore wind and marine energy devices but years of learning from the floating production sector.

What did the client think?

Our client was delighted with the support from Apollo.

Our client was working to strict deadlines to allow for commercial decisions to be made that could impact the future of the business. Apollo’s support across the technical capability as well as technology readiness level was invaluable to the delivery to our end client.

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