Apollo presenting at Marine Energy Wales annual conference

Marine energy capture has long been a key interest of Apollo.

We are proud to have contributed to the world’s first commercial multi-turbine tidal array, helped to engineer an 880t demonstrator wave energy device and have developed technology of our own which is currently being backed by Wave Energy Scotland. The Marine environment may be new to many, but Apollo has been delivering offshore projects for challenging conditions across fixed and floating assets for decades.

This week we are attending the Marine Energy Wales conference, where Donald Macfarlane, Principal Mechanical Engineer will be presenting our joint white paper with Bombora – “The Road to InSPIRE – Integrating mWave and Wind on a Single Floating Platform”. This workshop explores the realities of combining wind and wave floating platforms to take advantage of balance of plant synergies resulting in a reduced cost of energy.

Energy Transition Manager Lucy Green will be virtually attending the conference. “Apollo has been working in wave and tidal energy for the last 7 years. We have successfully taken conceptual sketches all the way through to deploying into the water real devices that contribute to the grid. It is clear, with our access to the powerful UKCS marine energy resource that there is huge opportunity for both wave and tidal energy capture, and combining wave with wind is a natural next step. I also believe that this technology could play its part in decarbonizing the North Sea. There are a number of oil and gas assets out there, and we are actively looking at the feasibility of the addition of wave capture devices as a means of providing electricity”.

The UK Government currently estimates that wave and tidal stream energy combined has the potential to deliver around 20% of the UK’s current electricity needs, which equates to an installed capacity of around 30 – 50GW.

To learn more about Apollo’s marine energy capability, please contact renewables@apollo-oe.com

More details of the conference can be found here.