Apollo KnowHow™ in stats

Apollo KnowHow™ helps clients manage their asset integrity efficiently from anomalies to work planning, through inspection, fabric maintenance and reviewing and reporting.

Apollo KnowHow™ has been deployed in the UK and the Middle East with one purpose, making clients lives easier.

We thought it would be good to collate the information together to see how Apollo KnowHow™ has added to our client’s operations saving them time, money and due to our intuitive, easy to use software we have done this with 0 training courses!

Everyone has enough data but the problem we find our clients have is not knowing where to start or not having enough time to find the data they need and draw conclusions from. Why spend your time doing this? We know that you are too busy dealing with the problems that happen on your asset every day! Our software does this for you pulling the information you require out onto a dashboard showing you the most critical data and allowing you to manage the rest of the data more quickly and effectively.

Click below to download our statistics infographic and of course, get in touch if you think our product could help streamline your business. We can run a quick demonstration at a time that’s convenient for you in 15 minutes. Click here to get a free demonstration.

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