Apollo celebrates centenary green project

Apollo is proud to announce they have hit a milestone in their renewable energy timeline with the 100th project being awarded by Bombora.

Project 100 is in support of Bombora’s innovative megawatt scalewave energy conversion device called mWave™. Bombora had previously developed a fixed bottom seabed solution with Apollo’s assistance, nearly 500 tonnes of structure supporting a comparable weight of equipment. The next phase concerns a substantial floating platform structure. True to the philosophy of sharing learning, Apollo has drawn on experience of other sectors to perform a full concept design study and cost feasibility evaluation.

Apollo’s Renewables director, Nigel Robinson comments: “The design concept resembles a column-stabilised semisub structure in many ways. It only made sense to draw on those structures, mooring and cable interface arrangements when working up the concept. We have a world-class renewable energy resource available in this part of the world, coupled with a deep reserve of engineering excellence. I am proud that Apollo is already helping to progress technologies that access this resource.”

Sam Leighton, Bombora’s Managing Director, welcomed Apollo’s involvement in the project said:

Accessing higher wave resource climates offshore is part of the strategic plan for our mWave product. We see a gap in the market where either co-location of both wind and wave platforms and the integration of wind and wave onto a shared platform can boost the output and cost efficiency of offshore power projects, supporting the advancement of this emerging global growth market. I’m delighted that Apollo have been working with our team to drive forward our plans to optimise mWave’s floating offshore performance and extend its application into this new market.

Apollo’s Energy Transition Manager, Lucy Green said “our strategy has always been about providing support to the entire energy industry. We support clients globally across offshore wind, wave, tidal, hydro, CCS, and as an Aberdeen based organisation, oil and gas. Our second ever project back in 2010 was a cable installation analysis for a (then) new wind farm, and we have supported the renewables industry ever since. Over the last 10 years, Apollo has worked on over 25 different arrays across Europe”.

Apollo’s Energy Transition team is currently involved in a range of projects from development planning and design engineering to solving technical challenges of installation. The team are particularly proud to have helped developers prove their concepts, move forward to demonstration phases and progress to commercial realisation.