Apollo at Renewable UK’s Global Offshore Wind 2024

Apollo team at Renewable UK's Global Offshore Wind

Apollo is delighted to exhibit and speak at this year’s Renewable UK’s Global Offshore Wind and participate in the conversations shaping the future of the offshore wind sector. Held at the Manchester Central from June 18th to 19th, this event promises a platform for the latest technological breakthroughs and insights from industry leaders.

Exhibiting and Speaking

If you’re attending and would like to speak with our team, please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Glass, Jonathan White, David Stewart, and Ellis Carter.

You will find us at Stand B66 with Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, where we will showcase our PALM technology, which recently finished extended in-water trials at Scapa Flow, Orkney.

Jonathan White will be on stage to discuss the benefits of a coordinated grid connection in the Celtic Sea.

📍 ETZ10
📅 Tuesday, June 18th
⏲️ 1410 to 1420

Apollo's Expertise

  • The PALM QCS and The PALM Charger
    At Global Offshore Wind 2024, Apollo will showcase our PALM quick connect/disconnect technology, which enables developers to implement cost-effective installation and tow-to-port strategies for their FLOW developments. The PALM QCS replaces time-consuming pull-in and splicing methods for inter-array cables, with a robust, marinized mechanical plug and play approach. Our team is actively developing a variant of the PALM to enable offshore charging of electrically powered O&M vessels for FLOW projects. Come and talk to us to learn more and see a working model.
  • Tow to Port
    In collaboration with ORE Catapult, Global Energy Group, and Alex MacPhie Partners, we’re addressing the technical challenges of towing Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWTs) for maintenance, reflecting our commitment to advancing offshore renewables. Our study forecasts significant demand for tow-to-port services in UK waters by 2035, revealing potential infrastructure bottlenecks and key enablers. Key technical challenges include preserving cables and moorings and maintaining electrical connectivity within turbine arrays. We’re also examining port service intricacies, facilitating the integration of cutting-edge technology. This collaborative effort underscores our proactive approach to shaping a sustainable future. For further details, please email renewables@apollo.engineer.
  • Gigawatt scale FOW transportation and installation
    ORE Catapult sponsored Apollo and partners DOF Subsea to investigate gigawatt scale transportation and installation of FOW moorings and cables. The study explored how these systems are likely to be deployed at scale, using today’s technologies, before looking to emerging future solutions. Detailed methodologies were prepared for a use case based on the North Sea and DOF Subsea’s state-of-the-art fleet. Installation schedules were compiled, taking fleet challenges and bottlenecks into consideration. The potential of alternative methods such as taut leg moorings, shared suction anchors, quick connect systems and subsea hubs was explored. This work provides an essential benchmark for FOW developers preparing for installation operations and is a useful resource for the Celtic Sea. Read the full report here.
  • Owners engineer and ocean engineering
    As a leading marine renewables engineering advisory, Apollo has extensive expertise in owners engineering and offshore technology. Visit our team at All Energy to discuss your engineering challenges. Whether you’re navigating product development hurdles or tackling array-scale installations, Apollo can provide your project or team with the engineering skills required to enable project success.
  • Mechanical design for manufacture
    Core to our renewables and wider energy sector capabilities is mechanical design from concept to manufacture. We have successfully completed complex, high-value projects, for instance, for marine handling and innovative testing systems. Examples include back-deck deployment and recovery systems for subsea equipment, cross-hauling equipment for a marine thruster replacement in situ, a novel jacking and transport system for a containerised plant, ROV tooling for weld inspection and innovative test rigs for tubular jointing. These projects underline our commitment to practical engineering and innovative problem-solving across various sectors.

Contact Us

For more information about our initiatives and to discuss how we could support you, please email renewables@apollo.engineer