Apollo at home

Since Apollo decided to take the decision of having us working from home in February it has been over 4 months of working from home and we are all incredibly proud at how successful that transition has been.

Throughout working from home some of our employees have filmed their thoughts and experiences and talked about how we have continued to live our core values while at home.

Apollo focuses on 4 core values,

  • Safety
  • Attitude
  • Future
  • and Enjoyment

In the video below you will hear from some of our colleagues about how they feel Apollo have worked hard to live true to their values and retained our great culture even while working from home.

We work hard to make sure our employees and clients are best supported and remain safe both physically and mentally.

Everyone working for Apollo has a great attitude, are passionate about engineering and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We have seen first hand the success of working from home and can see the benefit of flexible working and are working on creating a more flexible working pattern.

Apollo is focused on the future, by doing a good job now and supporting our clients through this time we are able to maintain their trust. We are also focused on the future of our employees and have encouraged career and personal development during the lockdown. We have also launched a competition that enables STEM learning and will hopefully inspire a new generation of engineers.

Apollo has a great social culture and focuses on enjoyment. Our offices and remote offices will be nice places to work and we work hard to keep this up while working from home.

We caught up with a few of the team who shared their experiences of working from home over the last few months and what it means for the future at Apollo.