A storm in a teaCOP?

On the 24th of February, we will be hosting the second in our series of webinars, A storm in a teaCOP?

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Stuart, who many of you will recognise as co-host from the ‘Over A Barrel’ podcast will chair a discussion with our very own Paul Ellerton, Carbon Energy Director and Nigel Robinson, Sustainable Energy Director

In this webinar, hosted by Stuart Cochrane, Paul Ellerton and Nigel Robinson will be discussing the different challenges in the Apollo business around the current perceived difference between carbon and sustainable energy. We will be relating the conversation to the lasting impact of COP26, what is the future of oil and gas, are we better to import fossil fuels or to continue to produce them on a domestic scale and the Scotwind leasing round – and what does this mean for industry as a whole?

As the move to cleaner energy accelerates, we will discuss where the two heads of business see energy production going and what that journey will look like. Where does their opinion sit on this vitally important matter?

In their careers to date, both directors have seen the ups and downs of the oil industry, changes in attitudes and economics and the rise of low carbon alternative energy sources, both publishing papers in their respective fields. Nigel is An experienced engineering consultant and business leader with 30 years in the offshore industry and similarly, Paul is a Chartered Engineer with the IMechE and has been working in industry for nearly 20 years, with many of those serving oil and gas.

In this webinar we will discuss the two ‘businesses’ of Apollo, that is our support to the renewables sector and that to Carbon Energy business. Paul and Nigel will debate the opportunities and challenges of operating such a diverse portfolio against the backdrop of an ever-changing social and political landscape.

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