2021, hope or hopeless?

With 1 week of 2021 already gone, our Business Development Director, Jonathan White speaks about getting through 2020 and taking charge of our own future by embracing 2021.

We normally enter every January with a heightened sense of hope and optimism of what lays before us for the next year in whatever context, be that for personal, work, or altruistic reasons. However, we start 2021 either full of hope or feeling completely hopeless.

Our future rests on the successful application of a vaccine to regain some normality in our lives but do we just rely on the scientists and “hope” for the best in our lives?

This past year has been the most dynamic and unique that I can remember. Globally and locally, we have never endured such enormous challenges in our work and personal lives as we try to navigate through ever changing rule sets

and politics from the nation’s leaders whom in turn are grappling with a state of flux and unknowns.

Through this we “hope” that things will get better.

Or do we.

I am fortunate to work within a company with a strong sense of identity and cultural strength. This authenticity has been the fuel and energy that has powered Apollo through these very challenging times. The team at Apollo adapted seamlessly and successfully to home working, embraced new opportunity, mobilised significant project teams remotely and time after time satisfied our clients with expert and efficient delivery all whilst #WFH.

We have brought our understated renewable work to the fore to ensure we continue to lead the energy transition journey for our clients old and new.

We have also successfully developed new business streams to satisfy client demand in terms of Technical Placements and Energy Transition whilst building on our traditional platforms of Consultancy, Marine and Offshore and Digital Applications.

We have worked with partners such as OGTC to continue to develop tools and techniques to ensure the longevity of the basin whilst maintaining our net zero commitments.

2020 ended being the most successful year for Apollo, ever.

Our clear cultural strength and authentic brand has allowed our committed personnel to achieve these successes. So, as we enter the next decade I for one am full of hope for 2021. We will rely on science to provide us a route out of this pandemic, as we will the next global challenge. However, in the meantime we take responsibility within the rule set, make plans, work with our teams and partners to make 2021 a success.